Thursday, October 22, 2020

Book Review: Solutions and Other Problems by Allie Brosh


I just adored Allie's first book, and I had this on my To Buy list for years. Eventually, I deleted it because it seemed like it would never be published. So I was thrilled when it did finally come out, yay! And I bought it and read it right away! It's less linear than her last one, and the stories pull more from her childhood, and are more metaphorical. I didn't dislike those stories at all (in fact the one about her as a very small child repeatedly sneaking into her neighbor's house through the doggie door and leaving "gifts," was hysterical. Allie obviously was a bit off the beaten path from a very young age.)

I do know that she went through some very traumatic things the last few years--a divorce, surgery, remarriage--and she only barely mentions them, and that made me sad. I'm not sure if she was more open just because she was younger or because her life's things weren't quite as dramatic, but I did miss her openness and honestly from the first book. But that's such a minor complaint--I wanted the book to have more! And it's already huge! Seriously, it's over 500 pages. And it's printed on fancy art paper due to all the illustrations and it weighs a TON. Resting it on my lap while reading sometimes was uncomfortable. Again, a super minor complaint! 

Overall, Allie is a delight. She's bonkers and bizarre and also seems to attract like. For example, her new cat also seems overly strange (in a fantastic way) Her drawings are also hilarious and oddball and fun. Like the first book, this is neither a traditional graphic memoir, nor a memoir with illustrations--it's her own unique category. And boy does she make all of us feel like it's okay to be weird. And she shows how to find the humor in that. 

I bought this book from Main Street Books in Davidson, North Carolina, an independent bookstore.

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