Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Book Review: Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?: Big Questions from Tiny Mortals About Death by Caitlin Doughty (audiobook)

Caitlin Doughty is a funeral director which you'll already know if you've read her memoir, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes & Other Lessons from the Crematory, as I have. This book is another one not for the squeamish. Here she has taken questions from kids (this isn't a children's book, but kids ask the best, most direct, weirdest questions) about death, and she answers them! 

As you can guess, this book is chock full of bizarre, gross facts. And occasionally a useful one suitable for the dinner table. Suitable: you're more likely to die on a plane of natural causes than in a plane crash. Not suitable: the world record holder for fingernail length is 6.5 feet long. Ew. And that's probably the tamest of the not suitable facts. Want to know if you make a horrible face at the moment of your death, will your face freeze that way? What about if you eat a bunch of popcorn kernels immediately before death and then you're cremated--will you blow up? Can you be buried with your beloved pet? Can you get your parent's skull to artfully place on your desk as a conversation piece?

Learn all of the answers to these and so many more questions you had no idea you want to know the answers to! She reads the audiobook herself which was fun, too. 

 I downloaded this digital audiobook from my local library via Libby/Overdrive.

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