Monday, January 18, 2021

Book Review: I Want to Be Where the Normal People Are by Rachel Bloom (audiobook)

While I rarely read a memoir by a TV/movie star where I haven't seen at least some of their shows, this book was the exception! I've never seen Crazy Ex-Girlfriend but I still enjoyed this book. I had seen Rachel Bloom in a discussion with another funny author (Jenny Lawson) and they both were so great that I immediately added this book to my TBR. 

I'm glad I listened to it on audio as she did a lot of funny voices and occasionally sung. I did miss out on the amusement park map, but she described it which was also fun. If you purchase the audio book you should also get a PDF of the images. 

About half of the book is about Rachel's childhood and teen years which were rather traumatic. There's not a Bad Thing that happens and her parents seem nice, but she just had a ton of trouble fitting in and finding her tribe, and she was unpopular and yet couldn't manage to fly under the radar like a couple of her friends did. So most people can identify with that. But even the parts about when her show was nominated for an award and when she had to fly to NYC for the Up Fronts, were very relatable as she had to sleep on a friend's sofa the night before the WB's paid hotel room kicked in, and she wore borrowed clothes (not borrowed from a designer, but from a friend's mom) and she was asked if she could change into something darker and... that fit better. 

Occasionally you have to kind of give her a pass with some of the singing and the (blessedly short) chapter told from her dog's POV about her award win (she is not impressed. Also she thinks of Rachel as her step-dad.) Overall it's delightful fun and if you're also a fan of the show, I'm sure it's even more amazing. I might check out the show now even though the musical interludes might not work for me. We'll see.

I borrowed this digital audiobook from Libby/Overdrive.

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