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In college I worked at my campus library, for the business manager. At first I was disappointed that I wasn’t working with books and also because the circulation desk workers could sometimes study at work whereas I always had more invoices to file, but in retrospect, I learned a great deal more about how a library works from where I was. My summer job was in a campus bookstore in my hometown. I worked the customer service desk so again, not directly with books aside from occasionally to return them, and buyback was done at my counter for the summer terms, although I was just nearby, not involved with it precisely. Though that’s where I learned what ISBN stands for.

After college, and some unfortunate stints bartending and working at an amphitheater among other things, I first volunteered shelving at my local library branch, and then went to work at a national chain book superstore. My standards had dropped so low, I took a substantial pay cut just to work with customers who were sober and literate. The first year I was just a regular staffer, shelving and working the cash register. The second year I was Shipping & Receiving Supervisor which I loved. I got to see every single book that came in the store, and I really understood inventory and returns a lot better from that vantage point.

Next I moved on to the largest Book Wholesaler as a junior buyer. I was responsible for backlist buying and returns for the 8th largest publisher (now a part of the 3rd largest publisher). After a couple of years there I decided to pursue a childhood dream and got a job as an editorial assistant in New York at the 6th largest publisher. I started acquiring early, thanks to my previous experience. I was successful, having a B&N Discover Great New Writers selection and a New York Times bestseller my second year. But after five years, I realized editing wasn’t really for me and I missed the South. I moved back down here and I got a job in Sales at the other largest Book Wholesaler. After a year in the office, I took over the New England territory and traveled all over New England every other week, visiting every single New England independent bookstore (and independent retailer carrying books) that I could, usually five a day. While it was very hectic and the schedule was crazy and I was never home, it was also a wonderful job that I loved. But after two years I was promoted and worked in National Accounts for three years.

Thanks to all this experience across various areas of publishing, I wrote a book: The Insider's Guide to a Career in Book Publishing, which came out in June 2014. You can add it to Goodreads here and click here for links to buy it.

In 2009 I founded my local chapter of the Women's National Book Association and I was elected president. In 2012 I was elected Vice-President/President Elect of WNBA-National, so as of 2014, I am the President. In 2011, I became an independent editor. In 2016, I became Sales Manager at Soho Press in New York. In 2017, I became the Mid-Atlantic Field Sales Rep for Macmillan.

I have done just about everything in this industry it seems sometimes, but the overriding theme has been that I love books, and will do anything to help get more books in more people’s hands.

Here I am in the 10/13/2010 edition of Publishers Weekly Daily:

All reviews on this blog are either from my personal library of books, borrowed, or from books provided to me by the publisher, but not specifically for review. I have not received any payment for these reviews and I have not been requested to write a review, positive or otherwise. I do work for a publisher and any book published my Macmillan, its subsidiaries, or distributed publishers, is noted as a shelf on my reviews.

This is a personal blog and my opinions are entirely my own. To try to keep professional distance, I have kept most names ambiguous, but I may have gotten my copy of the book at my old work.


I can be reached at thecarinsiegfried at gmail dot com.


Amanda said...

Just fyi, I gave you an award! http://opinionsofawolf.wordpress.com/2010/08/31/one-lovely-blog-award/

Rebecca Chapman said...

Possibly a silly question - but do you know of any publishing role for lawyers? I am a solicitor and I do crime, but I often wonder if there is anything in the publishing industry I could apply my skills to

Catherine said...

Such a pleasure to "meet" you! You lived the professional life I always dreamed of but never had the guts to pursue. I adore books but went the librarian route which was rewarding but am now turning back to reading, writing and the publishing industry. Looking forward to stopping by and seeing what's new!